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The Carl Reinecke International Music Competition, named after the renowned composer Carl Reinecke, is a distinguished online musical platform that seeks to evaluate the artistic and technical abilities of its participants.


This competition covers a vast array of musical categories, including Instruments, Conducting, Composition, Voice, and Chamber Music, and invites talent from all around the world.


Our primary goal is to encourage a growing number of musicians to showcase their talent in the digital arena and enhance their artistic development. This event offers numerous advantages to its participants while providing an atmosphere conducive to positive competition.


Central to our mission is recognizing extraordinary talent and awarding them accolades that could pave the way for international success. The competition's design is carefully crafted to match the age, skills, experience, and performance preferences of the participants. Our foremost objective is to support and uplift emerging musicians from across the globe. At the heart of our mission is to provide these young artists with a powerful platform to expand their musical boundaries and share their creations. Additionally, participants will gain increased visibility through our widespread online channels.

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